Right, Before I Die

Andrew George's Photographic Exhibition 

Location: Chungmu Art Center Gallery

Date: 2017-06-27 ~ 2017-08-06, 2017-09-01 ~ 2017-10-31, 2018-05-18 ~ 2018-07-01, 2019-04-12 ~ 2019-06-30, 2023-03-15~2023-06-30

Host: MD Insight, Chungmu Art Center

Organization: Bluefoot

'Right, Before I Die', a series of photographs and interviews that highlights universal themes present in each of our individual lives. The project is composed of portraits, in images and words, of 20 terminally ill men and women who, in bravely confronting their fears and vulnerabilities, reveal what has been most meaningful in their lives. This three-year-in-the making project has already generated great interest in more than 150 countries and inspired hundreds of international reviews. Thousands of comments and letters have been written about 'Right, before I die', where people from all over the world have shared thoughts and beliefs as part of a global conversation. 

'Right, Before I Die' is disruptive in the best possible way. The project offers a fresh, provocative and inspiring perspective on our search for meaning in life. As we are introduced to the lives of those photographed here, we cannot help but be brought into our own realm of self-reflection. As philosopher Alain de Botton says in the book's foreword, "'Right, before I die' is on the side of life, it gives us new determination to appreciate what is being neglected and rearrange our values." - This historic and groundbreaking project by Los Angeles-based artist Andrew George attempts to reframe our conceptions about death, dying, and most importantly, living.

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